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(E.0 Daniels Global Dispatch)

Most brokers and shippers take anywhere between 30 to 60 days to pay invoices after loads have been delivered. E. O. Daniels Global Dispatch understands that this is not a sustainable business model. Truck owner-operators have every day operational expenses like fuel, maintenance, and driver payroll. For that reason, we have partnered with Triumph Business Capital which is the best and most trusted factoring company nationwide, in order to ensure our clients get paid the same day, loads are delivered once invoice is submitted. The factoring company will charge a small percentage of the invoice total for this service and will then communicate with the broker or shipper to get the invoice paid in full. This allows you, the owner, to focus on managing and growing your fleet and not have to worry about chasing brokers and shippers to get paid.

benefits our factoring

  • Most trusted and ONLY factoring company recommended by DAT Load Board

  • 100% of your load paid the same day or the next day we receive the completed load paperwork (BOLS and rate confirmation sheets) NOON Central time.

  • Free Credit checks on Brokers 24/7 online access through your web portal. Yes, we factor through other load boards.

  • No monthly or minimum fees.

  • Competitive low rates

  • $3 ACH fee per batch (direct deposit into your business banking acct.)

  • TBC Discount fuel program for over-the-road truckers.

  • Fuel advance program for only $15 up to 50% of your load. Saturdays too.

  • User-friendly web portal and app to submit loads very easy to get paid quickly.

  • Truck Dispatching with E.O Daniels Global Dispatch

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